Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Du Même Sang, a premier ready-to-wear clothing brand based in the UAE. Our garments are proudly produced in Dubai.

By using this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. User Agreement:
- Users are welcome to visit our website and shop online.
- No user is permitted to take or steal any information, photos, or documents from this website.
- The only way to contact us is through the information provided on the website.
- Users are responsible for any damages made to the website and will be required to pay for any necessary repairs.

2. Intellectual Property Rights:
- All logos, content, and information on this website are created by Du Même Sang's team and are protected by copyright laws.

3. Privacy Policy

4. Payment Terms:
- Online payments only.

5. Shipping and Returns Policy:
- Products cannot be returned once sold.
- Personal discounts are not available.
- We ensure that all products are in good condition before shipping.

6. Use of the Website:
- This website is intended to showcase Du Même Sang's brand, products, and story.
- Products can be purchased directly from this website.

7. Dispute Resolution

8. Changes to Terms:
- This website may be updated at any time, including changes to information and terms and conditions.

9. Design Ownership:
- All products are designed by Du Même Sang's team.
- Stealing designs is illegal and may result in legal action.

10. Shopping Locations:
- Our products can be purchased at our shop located at The Mall, Jumeirah Street, Opposite Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE or through this website.

11. Compliance:
- All visitors and users of this website must adhere to these terms and conditions.

Thank you for choosing Du Même Sang for your fashion needs!