About Us


Du Même Sang is a fashion company established by the Fard sisters in 2020 in New York. Our brand specializes in producing high-quality ready-to-wear and haute couture garments. With a strong emphasis on simplicity, beauty, and lightness, we draw inspiration from various cultures and our beloved Mother Earth.

History and Operations

From a young age, Sheyda, one of the three sisters and designers, exhibited a keen interest in design and innovation. Over the years, her love for creation grew exponentially, influencing her sisters' endeavors as well.

In 2018, Sheyda and Elen completed specialized fashion courses at the renowned international fashion university, Mod'Art. Sheyda focused on Fashion Design and Pattern Making, while Elen pursued studies in Fashion Management. It was at this time that Eli joined her sisters, and this collaboration ultimately gave birth to Du Même Sang.
Given Mod'Art's French origins, our creations at Du Même Sang are rooted in French techniques. The brand's name, Du Meme Sang, which means "related by blood" in French, pays tribute to the deep connection the sisters share.

In 2022, Du Même Sang showcased its inaugural fashion show during the prestigious Dubai Fashion Week. The event featured the unveiling of our 2023 collection, aptly named Floral Dream. Comprising twelve dresses, including eight bridal gowns and four bridesmaid gowns. The overwhelming success of the collection resulted in all pieces being sold immediately.

Du Même Sang’s latest collection called Glamorous Dream, released in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, showcases 12 exquisite bridal gowns. In this collection, designers aimed to capture the delicate balance between softness and the hidden light within every woman. Celebrating women's strength and individuality, these gowns are a testament to the beauty and power that lies within.

Sheyda Fard

Sheyda Fard is an integral co-founder and designer at Du Même Sang, also serving as the company's CEO. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Plant Pathology, she has always been captivated by plants and nature. This fascination translated into her remarkable ability to incorporate floral sense into dress design. In addition to her scientific background, Sheyda pursued Business Administration and obtained a Ph.D., enhancing her professional growth and management skills. Furthermore, she embarked on a journey in Fashion Design and Pattern Making, achieving a Master's Degree from Mod'Art university. It was during her studies at Mod'Art that Sheyda, alongside her sisters, realized their vision of establishing Du Même Sang.

Elen Fard

Elen Fard, another co-founder and designer at Du Même Sang, handles the company's social media adverting initiatives. With a background in Architectural Engineering and an MBA in Fashion from Mod'Art university, Elen's multifaceted talents extend beyond the realm of fashion. She is also passionate about music and serves as the driving force behind E-noise and its fashion line.

Eli Fard

Eli, co-founder and visionary behind Du Même Sang, holds a degree in Architecture and an MBA in the same field. Noteworthy, Eli is the marketing manager of the company. With over 15 years of experience as an architect and marketing consultant in various international companies, Eli's true passion has always been in fashion and art. After struggling to find the perfect wedding dress, she took matters into her own hands and designed her own gown. This pivotal moment marked her entry into Du Même Sang, channelling her enthusiasm and expertise towards creating fashion that speaks to the heart and soul.